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Our First Look at Young Tony in the 'Sopranos' Movie Is Promising as Hell

Between these set photos and an increasingly stacked cast list, 'The Many Saints of Newark' is looking pretty strong.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The 'Sopranos' Prequel Movie Has a Release Date and a Dumb New Title

What was wrong with 'The Many Saints of Newark'?
River Donaghey
black love

Photographer Akintola Hanif's Remarkable Images Celebrate Black Love and Community

"I appointed myself to represent my people correctly and counter negative stereotypes often seen in mainstream media."
Fayemi Shakur
new jersey

Inside the New Jersey Cider Farm Helping Formerly Incarcerated People Get Jobs

Founder Charles Rosen says, “you can be a for-profit business and at the same time help the chronically unemployed and repair the environment.”
Elisabeth Sherman

Philip Roth Happily Pissed a Lot of People Off

The late, polarizing novelist set a high bar for everyone else—and himself—to violently crash into.
Andrew Martin

My Very Italian Dad from Jersey Can't Wait for 'The Sopranos' Prequel

He's mad about other things.
Alex Norcia
Amazon HQ2

There's Growing Backlash From People Who Don't Want Amazon to Move to Their City

Local activists say the city’s public funds could be used to better ends than lining Jeff Bezos’s pockets.
Kaleigh Rogers
thump news

Jersey Club Torchbearer J Heat Shares Debut EP on Night Slugs

'Jersey Transit Systems' is out now and available to stream in full.
Alexander Iadarola

Meet Shakur Stevenson, America's Best Male Olympic Fighter in More than a Decade

Shakur Stevenson, who is aiming to become the first men's boxing U.S. Olympic gold medalist since 2004, has caught the attention of Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Aimee Berg
daily vice

Michael K. Williams Returns to Newark on Today's 'Daily VICE'

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' Williams talks with a local pastor in Newark, New Jersey to find out why the city is ridden with carjacking and crime.
VICE Staff

Michael K. Williams Infiltrates a New Jersey Carjacking Ring Tonight on VICELAND

We investigate the underground market for stolen cars on the first episode of 'Black Market,' and learn about hacktivist group Anonymous's next move on 'CYBERWAR.'
VICE Staff

Step Inside New Jersey's Organized Car Theft Rings on the First Episode of 'Black Market'

Check out the first episode from Michael K. Williams's new VICELAND show about the desperation driving the world's underground economies before it airs July 5.
VICE Staff