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'On Memory,' Today's Comic by Adam Desouza

How do you remember your memories?


Dirk Nowitzki's Trainer Roasts Him for Being Old, Wants to be Paid in Bitcoin

The Dallas Mavericks legend's trainer told him "your full court sprints are timed with a calendar."


People Tell Us About the First Time They Felt Old

When teens think you might rat them out for smoking weed, you are old.


“The Business of Life” episode 1: aging

Taking care of aging relatives isn't easy, nor is it cheap. How does assisting the elderly impact our wallets?


How Having Kids Could Affect Your Lifespan

A Swedish study links having children with living longer in old age.


The Secret to Living Past 100, According to Some of the Oldest People on Earth

The dietary staples of the world's centenarians are probably not approved by your doctor.


Meet the 'Death Administration' Tracking Down Relatives of Those Who Die Alone

In the UK, Jo and Pam run Liverpool's death administration team, looking after all the arrangements for people who have died alone that friends or relatives would normally take care of.


Too Much Hot, Fun Sex Could Lead to Cardiovascular Disease in Older Men

Researchers warn that frequent, high-quality sex has been linked to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease in older dudes. But chill, women, you’re all good.


Virtual Reality Can Help Stop Old People Falling Over

A trial found that adding a VR component to treadmill training resulted in 42 percent fewer falls.


Eating Red Meat Might Make You Age More Quickly

A recent study conducted by a team from the University of Glasgow and published in the journal Aging says that if you eat a lot of red meat, your body’s biological age could be much higher than your actual age.


Some Hotel Chain Claims to Have Created Anti-Aging Gin

They’ve created a gin that is distilled with “ingestible collagen” and “age-defying” botanicals.


Rosemary Could Be the Reason These Italian Villagers Live for So Long

New research from the University of California aims to find out why so many Acciaroli residents live to be 100. It could be down to their rosemary-infused diet.