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Opium-Addicted Parrots Keep Raiding Poppy Farms in India

Poppy farmers are being forced to guard their crops against the drug-addled birds, who get high off the narcotic effects of the plant.
Gavin Butler
true crime

These Rogue Foreigners Ruled the Streets of 1930s Shanghai

Gambling, drugs, you name it. "There was so much money being made that there wasn't a need to kill a lot of people."
Seth Ferranti

Inside Myanmar's Surprisingly Harsh Heroin Rehab Centers

One person per household uses heroin in Myanmar's northern region, and a coalition of religious types has banded together to tackle the problem.
David Shaw

A Weekend with a Deep Web Drug Dealer

I watched firsthand how an online drug empire is run.
Jake Hanrahan
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

How North America Found Itself in the Grips of an Opioid Crisis

From pharmaceutical deception to prohibition without rehabilitation, we look at the mistakes that got us here.
Dan Werb
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Tracing Heroin's Destructive Path from Afghan Poppy Fields to British Needles

We traveled along the heroin trafficking route from Afghanistan into Iran, Turkey, and Eastern Europe, meeting growers, addicts, and experts along the way.
Hanne Coudere, Photos by Jim Huylebroek

Opium Has Ravaged This Indian Village for Seven Decades

Since British colonialists introduced the drug in the 40s, opium has destroyed the village of Longwa and eroded most of its social and political structures.
Raphael Korman
Legal Weed in Australia

How to Become a Legal Weed Grower in Victoria, Australia

Victoria is becoming the first Australian state to legalize medical marijuana, and the government is planning to grow the bud locally.
Charlie Braithwaite

Notes from Afghanistan’s Most Dangerous Province

Ben Anderson went to Afghanistan's most violent province, Helmand, to see how things are going since the withdrawal of American and British infantry troops 18 months ago.
Ben Anderson

Tracing France's History in the Heroin Trade

We met the daughter of notorious French drug trafficker Gaëtan Zampa in Marseille to talk about her relationship with her father and the city's history as a drug smuggling port.
Kevin EG Perry
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Scientists Have Figured Out a Way to Brew Opiates from Yeast

This is great for both the medical community and (maybe) the illegal drug manufacturing community.
Drew Millard
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Take Some Pills for Your Hysteria, Lady: America's Long History of Drugging Women Up

Women are twice as likely as men to be prescribed prescription drugs for depression or anxiety.
Taylor Prewitt