Panic Attacks


Recording My Therapy Sessions Helped Ease My Panic Disorder

When I listened to the recordings, it felt like half of the conversation was totally new to me.


How to Find a Therapist You Can Actually Afford

With a single session costing as much as $300 in some cities, mental health care can feel more like a privilege than a right. We asked practitioners and patients alike for tips on how to make it work.


My Panic Attack Was a Symptom of a Heart Condition

Women are treated less aggressively in their initial encounters at the hospital until they 'prove that they're as sick as male patients.'


Don't Contact Him: Advice from So Sad Today

Time heals all wounds jk.


Fucked Up's Damian Abraham Opens Up About Panic Attacks

Tune into VICELAND Tuesday for new episodes of 'THE THERAPIST' and 'LAST CHANCE HIGH.'


How to Not Cure Your Panic Attacks

The things that have helped me the most in the midst of severe panic attacks have not been attempts to "cure" the attacks, but to reframe the narrative of what I'm experiencing.


Anxiety Makes Me a Better Person

"Anxiety has made me ask for help, made me vulnerable, and deepened my friendships."


Biggest Ever Study of Its Kind Shows 71 Percent of Musicians Experience Anxiety and Panic Attacks

As part of their Music and Depression campaign, Help Musicians UK have published a striking insight into mental wellbeing in the industry.


How Nightlife Helped Me Deal With My Anxiety Disorder

Nightlife gave me a feeling of deliverance and a sanctuary from an anxiety I did not yet understand.


The Smell of Depression

It seems like I've divided my feelings into categories, the way that one might do with fragrance types: floral, citrus, earthy, smoky, gourmand, spicy.


I Survived a Panic Attack and All I Got Was General Anxiety

This week, my new therapist and I did some detective work and stumbled upon something that in 15 years of panic attacks I had never discovered before.


Could This Natural Supplement Be the Answer to Antidepressant Dependency?

Investigating the mysterious natural supplement that has been a wonder drug for many, even though nobody seems to know very much about it.