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I Went to a Donald Trump-Themed Pee Party

The Los Angeles-based collective Dominatrixes Against Donald Trump spent a recent evening peeing on men dressed as the president.


VICELAND Is Sending Tom Arnold on a Hunt for More Trump Tapes

The show will send the actor to investigate more rumored recordings, from racy 'Apprentice' outtakes to the coveted "pee tape."


Trump’s "pee tape" alibi to Comey doesn't hold up against flight records either

Flight records indicate that Trump arrived in Moscow on Friday and stayed through Sunday morning.


Trump’s "pee tape" denial doesn’t line up with the timeline of his Moscow trip

Comey, for the record, says he’s not sure whether it’s true or false.


Please Chill the Fuck Out About the Pee Tape

In all this chaos, the buzzed-about (and probably nonexistent) video isn't worth all the attention it's attracted.


Comey says Trump asked him to look into the "pee tape" for Melania's sake

Excerpts from his new book reveal salacious details about his experience with Trump


Everything you need to know about the "pee tape" dossier and its funders

Here’s a rundown of what was revealed this week about the infamous "pee tape" dossier, the Clinton campaign's involvement, and what it could mean (or not mean) for the Russia investigation.


Clinton campaign helped fund infamous Trump “pee tape” dossier

Compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, the document — an explosive though partly unsubstantiated piece of opposition research — sparked an FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.