• 9.29.17

      A Pervert’s Guide to Organic Farming

      Farming is a dream for the oversexed, who can spend their days handling cucumbers, carrots, and even eggplants. But why such a crass train of thought? Probably because most produce is phallic and the other half looks like balls.

    • 8.23.16

      Confessions of a Teenage Lifeguard

      Whether wrangling pervs or scooping poop, "it was the best job I've ever had."

    • 9.15.15

      How Do You Know if Your Pet Is a Pervert?

      I called a specialist in an attempt to figure out why my cat is always watching me when I'm on the toilet or having sex.

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    • 6.8.14

      The Peeper

      Every night, the peeper takes out his binoculars and spies on the woman he loves who lives across the street. Unfortunately for him, nobody loves a pervert.

    • 11.1.13

      What Does It Mean to Be a Pervert?

      Sex research is a touchy topic. Jesse Bering believes cracking someone’s desires helps understand them fully. He spoke with us about the depths human erotic imagination, “objectum sexuals,” and how he views homophobes as types of pervs.

    • 5.16.13

      Fuck Church

      As part of a tradition lifted from the Roman Catholic model, members of the devout commune Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai gather each morning and await secret messages from the Virgin Mary.

    • 12.18.12


      Normally, I like to coin my own crackerisms and slang when it comes to describing indescribable prison behaviors, but I can’t improve on “thirstbucket.” In case you don’t know, that’s ghetto terminology for inmates who have crackhead tendencies...

    • 11.15.12

      Vigilantes Are Tagging Egypt's Sexual Harassers with Spray Paint

      The members of "Be A Man" patroled during the recent Eid al-Adha festival celebrations, armed with cans of black and white spray paint, attacking, pinning down, and scarlet-lettering the shit out of grabbers and gropers with the words "I Am a Harasser...

    • 10.17.12

      Tracing Kody Maxson, the Online Blackmailer Alleged to Have Tormented Amanda Todd

      In the days that have passed since my initial report about Amanda Todd’s suicide, the story has become even more convoluted and concerning. In an effort to clear some of this up, I decided to thoroughly vet Anonymous’s background research on Kody...