Ponzi schemes


Why White-Collar Criminals Think the Panama Papers Won't Change Shit

A current prisoner who used to hang with Bernie Madoff asked some convicted financial criminals for their take.
Robert Rosso
The Holy Cow Issue

A Brief History of Ponzi Schemes

From three-card monte to insurance fraud to more sophisticated financial scams, the goal of a Ponzi scheme is always the same—to make a quick buck.
Haisam Hussein

Lawyer Reveals Details About the Man Behind Bitcoin’s $4.5 Million Ponzi Scheme

Trendon T. Shavers, or Pirateat40, is Bitcoin's Bernie Madoff.
Justin O'Connell

The 20-Year-Old EDM Entrepreneur Accused of Running a $500,000 Ponzi Scheme

Ian Bick has been organizing dances and EDM events for Connecticut teens since he was 15, but the federal government is now accusing him of running a much darker and more complex side hustle.
Nick Keppler

Are White-Collar Crime Registries the Key to Preventing Another Financial Crisis?

On Wednesday, the Utah State Legislature created a sex-offender-style registry for warning the public about Utah's Gordon Gekkos. The idea might just catch on.
Mike Pearl
The True Crime Issue

Ephren Taylor’s Disastrous Megachurch Ponzi Scheme

How Ephren Taylor, the son of a small-town minister and self-proclaimed "social capitalist," conned thousands of churchgoers out of their life savings.
Grace Wyler

Ex-SEC Official Steps Down Amid Questions Over His Work for Ponzi Schemer Allen Stanford

Barasch stepped down not long after a five-part series published by VICE uncovered potential violations of federal conflict-of-interest laws by Barasch while representing Stanford. Meanwhile, the vast majority of American investors who got taken in by...
Murray Waas

A Respected Law Firm Alllegedly Risked Breaking the Law by Representing a Rogue Banker

New evidence about the shady activities of a former SEC official.
Murray Waas

New Disclosures About a Congressman's Relationship with a Now-Imprisoned Texas Billionaire

Former House Majority Leader candidate Pete Sessions has promised to talk about what he did for R. Allen Stanford.
Murray Waas