3 days ago

PG&E Execs Were Literally Partying in Wine Country While Planning to Cut Power to Millions of Californians

They were wining and dining their top natural gas customers at a lavish retreat in wine country.

3 days ago

Millions of Californians Lost Power Because PG&E Refused to Spend Money to Fix Its Problems

“I can’t say how frustrated I am,” says a city councilor in Paradise, a town that was completely razed by the 2018 fires caused by PG&E.

4 days ago

GitHub CEO Says It Has to Follow Microsoft’s Lead on Working With ICE

Multiple GitHub employees recalled comments from CEO Nat Friedman made during an internal company meeting.


The Company That's Caused California Wildfires Is Cutting Off Power to 2 Million People to Avoid Another One

The state of California allowed PG&E to start charging customers billions more so it could upgrade its grid. The company still hasn't.


Internal Email Shows GitHub Plans to Renew ICE Contract

Even though GitHub leadership and others oppose ICE’s child separation policy, an internal email suggests GitHub won’t stop ICE from renewing a contract with the tech company.


Why Hurricane Dorian's Conditions Are Nearly Perfect to Devastate Florida

Every single county in Florida has declared a state of emergency.


The Equifax Settlement Is a Cruel Joke

Experts say the FTC dramatically underestimated the public’s anger over repeated privacy violations.


The Kim Kardashian Deepfake Shows Copyright Claims Are Not the Answer

The deepfake of Kim Kardashian was taken down by Condé Nast, but it's an example of how copyright laws are a poor replacement for real moderation.


A Sex Toy Company Is Suing the NYC Subway for Censorship

The sex toy company says the Metropolitan Transit Authority is violating their rights by not letting it run ads.


What It's Like To Lose Your Sister in an Honor Killing

Banaz Mahmod was murdered by her father and uncle even after reporting her fears to the police multiple times. A decade later, her sister Payzee believes that British police still aren't taking honor killings seriously.


What's Behind the New Wave of Six-Week Abortion Bans

Unconstitutional six-week abortion bans have swept Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, and Georgia—a new phase of the ongoing efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade.


Sex Work Is Work—And Its Laborers Are Officially Unionizing

In the UK, sex workers are joining with trade unions to demand better collective conditions for their industry.