Remembering Things

An Ode to ‘On the Beach,’ Neil Young’s Most Beautiful (and Most Depressing) Album

Forty-five years after its release, Young's melancholic search for meaning in a chaotic world feels more relatable than ever.
Hilary Pollack

Dive into the Playfully Psychedelic World of Boogarins

The Brazilian band shares the excellent new single “Invenção,” another single off their fourth LP 'Sombrou Dúvida.'
Josh Terry
CGI Video

This Short Animation Follows a Panda Trying to Find His Zen

Cosmic Panda becomes one with the universe.
Diana Shi
audiovisual art

A Virtual Universe of Multisensory Psychedelia Appears in Barcelona

For this year’s Sónar Festival’s +D stage, Berlin-based artist Tarik Barri debuted a new 3D generative audiovisual performance.
DJ Pangburn
light art

Psychedelic Light Art Celebrates the Summer of Love's 50th Anniversary

Trippy projections illuminating San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers commemorate the summer of 1967.
Taylor Lindsay
Projection Mapping

If Aliens Took Shrooms, Their Spaceship Might Look Like This

Miguel Chevalier's 'In / Out - Artificial Paradise' is as trippy on the inside as it is stunning on the outside.
Beckett Mufson
video art

Whoa, This Projection Mapped Video is an Acid Trip

Ryan Somerville and Andy Yen’s "Organs Without Body" melds fashion, dance, composition, and video art.
Maya-Roisin Slater
High Art

These Mescaline-Inspired Paintings Are a Trip

Journey from the contemporary geometries of Tofer Chin to the darker side of the mescaline-fueled art of the 1950s.
Noémie Jennifer
street art

This Mexican Street Artist Mixes Science Fiction and Psychedelia

Muralist, illustrator, and all-around renaissance man Smithe is creating his own brand of sci-fi surrealism.
DJ Pangburn

Former 'Pee-wee's Playhouse' Cartoonist Makes Unexpectedly Funny Text Art

The former Pee Wee’s Playhouse set designer and puppeteer talks about his latest exhibition of word paintings.
DJ Pangburn

When Hallucinations Get Real | 4/20 Insta Illustrator

MXLXTXV's work exists on the border of multiple universes.
Beckett Mufson
festivals 2016

Roadburn Day II: Dark Buddha Rising, an Icelandic Wolf's Mass, and the Return of G.I.S.M.

The second day of this famed Dutch festival offered Japanese punks, Finnish prog freaks, and more Icelandic magic.
Kim Kelly