"Go Home, Start Exercising:" Trump Fat-Shamed Someone at His Rally

It's not clear if Trump was even insulting the right person.
Emma Ockerman
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This Guy Got Fired for Roundhouse Kicking a Woman at an Anti-Abortion Rally

A kick seen 'round the world.
Mack Lamoureux
Brett Kavanaugh

Trump supporters laughed as the president mocked Blasey Ford’s account of sexual assault

"Is it any wonder that she was terrified to come forward?"
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Trump Says He and Kim Jong Un 'Fell in Love'

"He wrote me beautiful letters, and they’re great letters."
Drew Schwartz

Trump is going all-in to save the GOP's majority in Congress

"I will go six or seven days a week when we're 60 days out," Trump said this week.
Alex Thompson
Rise Up

Thousands Are Marching on Washington on the 50th Anniversary of MLK’s Assassination to Fight Racial Injustice

The National Council of Churches spearheaded the rally as part of an initiative to confront racism, and address accountability to fight racial injustice within the faith community.
Kimberley Richards
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This Group Wants to Save the World By Yelling 'Wow' Like Owen Wilson

You know the one.
Drew Schwartz
Stripper Rights

New Orleans Strippers Crash Press Conference, Protesting Club Closures

After eight strip clubs on Bourbon Street were shut down in human trafficking raids, a group of out-of-work strippers took to the streets to protest.
Linda Yang

What a Day of Protesting Against Tim Hortons Looks Like

After some franchises clawed back worker benefits following a minimum wage hike, VICE visited some of the 15-plus rallies scheduled across Ontario.
Mack Lamoureux

Proposed Rally to Save Chicago Taco Bell Spirals Out of Control

The event page started as a joke while its 23-year-old founder was waiting for an egg sandwich to heat up; then, things took a dark turn.
B. David Zarley
Vice News Tonight

Charlottesville empowered Nazi supporters in Berlin

More than 500 neo-Nazis, inspired by Charlottesville, marched through Berlin in the largest fascist rally the city has seen in more than a decade.
Hind Hassan
Harriet Dedman
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Dog Owners Are Planning to Create a Sea of Poop at a Far-Right Rally Site

San Francisco pet owners are leaving canine land mines at Crissy Field before Saturday's Patriot Prayer protest.
River Donaghey