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44 minutes ago

How 'The 5 Love Languages' Became the Language of Love We All Know (and Love)

The quietly Baptist self-help book has broken its own sales records almost every year since it was published in 1992. The secret is its simplicity.


It Sucks That Fantasy Isn’t Reality: Advice from So Sad Today

With a stranger, there are so many empty spaces we get to fill with our imagination, but as we get to know a person better, there are less blanks.


Let's Talk Boundaries

Having boundaries is just the recognition that you’re soft and permeable and everything you encounter has its own energy that you’re subject to and have to manage, all on your own.


How to Navigate Moving in with Your Partner in Your Early 20s

What do you do if one of you wants to live together, but the other doesn't?


Lessons in Love from a Couple Who've Been Together for 60 Years

To 86-year-old Giorgos and 82-year-old Maria, Valentine's Day is just another day in a very long love story.


My Advice for People Considering Polyamory

Polyamory won't fix your problems or save your relationship, but it may help you grow.


Why Thinking About 'The One that Got Away' Is Ruining Your Relationships

We asked a therapist to help us understand why we fixate on "the one that got away" and what this means for our future relationships.


How to Make Sex and Relationships Work When Only One of You Is Kinky

"The dude who once said he had no interest in roleplay or BDSM whatsoever actually surprised me by building a dungeon in our basement while I was out of town."


My Disastrous Attempt to Use Self-Help Books to 'Get' Me a Man

Did I learn more about myself? Yeah. But did I get laid?


A Church-Sponsored 'Love School' Taught Me That Money Is at the Root of Every Happy Relationship

“When you love each other, you make a good team and can make a lot of money” was among the nuggets of advice I absorbed.


How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend

If your boyfriend has become a shitty thing in your life, then it's time to tourniquet that creep. Here's how to do it in seven easy steps (each of them inspired by the good people at WikiHow).


How to Break Up with Someone Like a Decent Human Being

I just broke up with my best friend, a man I've shared the last half-decade of my life with. And yet, I don't hate him. It's odd, not hating him. Not only do I not hate him, I still love him (albeit non-romantically.) I still want him in my life.