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Cory Booker Isn’t Afraid to Talk About Racism and Reparations With White Voters

Cory Booker wants to be president, and he also wants to talk about reparations. VICE News asked him if thinks he’ll be able to do both.
Dexter Thomas
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Marianne Williamson Busted Out Some Crazy Reparations Math

“If you did the math of the 40 acres and a mule ..."
Morgan Baskin
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This Congresswoman Thinks the Time Has Never Been Better to do Reparations

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Danny Glover testified about reparations in Washington on Juneteeth and debated whether we should just cut checks to the descendants of slaves or invest in social services that help them.
Alzo Slade
Valerie Kipnis

9 Mic-Drop Moments from the Reparations Hearing

In which Mitch McConnell and American kleptocracy get owned by Ta-Nehisi Coates.
Leila Ettachfini
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Joe Biden Was Just Reminiscing About the Civility of Deep-South Segregationists

"You’d argue like the devil with them. Then you’d go down and have lunch or dinner together"
Emma Ockerman

Democrats Want to Tackle Reparations, but Joe Biden Isn't So Sure

The former vice president continues to split with the more left-wing candidates he's running against.
Harry Cheadle

Being Black in America Is a Health Risk. It's Time for Reparations.

Cash would not only be a form of repayment, it would also undeniably improve people's health.
Jason Silverstein

Georgetown students vote to pay reparations to 272 slaves' descendants

Jesuit priests sold their 272 slaves for about $3.3 million in today’s dollars, a portion of which was used to keep Georgetown running and pay off its debts.
Rex Santus
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These Artists Want Black People to Rest and Heal at Their Exhibition

We talked to niv Acosta and Fannie Sosa about their new show, "Black Power Naps."
VICE Staff
Black Power Naps

A Place to Nap While Black

Artists niv Acosta and Fannie Sosa share how racial justice and rest intersect in their project Black Power Naps.
Fannie Sosa
niv Acosta
Black Power Naps

Reparations for Black People Should Include Rest

Just as sleep deprivation was used as a means to control slaves, the modern-day "sleep gap" weighs down many Black people today.
Janine Francois

We Owe These Ten Black Actors One of Michael Che's 'Reparations Emmys'

Some of TV's most celebrated characters went strikingly under-acknowledged in their time.
Taylor Hosking