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What to Do if You're Worried About Pregnancy Discrimination at Work

Even though it's illegal to treat parents unfairly, it still happens—and can be hard to recognize, let alone prove.


Where Each 2020 Democratic Candidate Stands on Palestine and Israel

This has long been one of few bipartisan issues, but that could change in 2020.


The Army Beat Its Recruitment Goals This Year by Targeting Students in Debt

“Debt is a form of social control. You can force people to do all kinds of things if you put them in debt first."


The Shocking Cruelty of Indefinite Detention

Formerly detained migrants describe what would happen if the Flores settlement were dismantled.


Sanders and Warren Left Sex Workers Out of Their Criminal Justice Plans

It's a glaring omission from the 2020 frontrunners, advocates say.


The Jews Organizing Against ICE to Stop Concentration Camps

Across the country, Jews have been relentlessly mobilizing against ICE to prove that when they say Never Again, they mean it.


The Dubious Ways Parents Are Pressured to Give Up Their Children for Adoption

After feeling duped by adoption agencies, these women are on a mission to combat adoption coercion.


12 Reasons It Should Be Illegal for Doctors Not to Treat Trans People

"I could be denied critical, necessary, and immediate medical care that could leave me permanently injured or even dead."


Sex Workers Will Finally Be Able to Carry Condoms Without Fear of Arrest in California

The landmark bill also empowers them to report abuse and exploitation.


Many U.S. Prisons Deny Muslim Inmates Halal Food and Proper Prayer

A new study finds that the U.S. disproportionately imprisons Muslims—and then violates their religious freedoms.


Lawyers Are Furious That Immigration Courts Are Getting Rid of Interpreters

The change could mean many immigrants will be left in the dark during their own hearings.


ICE Wants Hotels to Detain Immigrants. These Chains Said No.

Hotels "are not designed to be used as detention centers."