Pro Tip: If You Rob a Dunkin Donuts, Don't Take an Uber Home

This is not the first time a robbery suspect has opened the Uber app and ordered an on-demand getaway vehicle, but it's never a good idea.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Man Arrested After Robbing Two Banks Using Nothing But an Avocado

The alleged robber made off with nearly US $8,000 from two separate incidents before his weapon was revealed to be a fruit.
Jelisa Castrodale

The Wild, Terrifying Story of an Influencer's Plot to Steal a URL at Gunpoint

He's facing up to 20 years in prison for hiring someone to put a gun to a man's head and demand his domain name.
River Donaghey
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This Vape Store Robbery Footage Is 2019’s Best Comedy Film

When you hear the term "vape store robbery," it's safe to assume we’re not dealing with high-level crooks.
Mack Lamoureux
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This Guy Broke Into a House Just to Clip His Toenails and Make Eggs, Cops Say

He also took a bath, washed his clothes, and brushed his teeth before the cops arrested him.
Drew Schwartz
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Cops Busted Three LA Teens and a Mom for String of Celeb Burglaries

They allegedly stole millions of dollars worth of cash and jewelry from celebrities like Rihanna, and were apparently planning to hit LeBron James and Matt Damon next.
Drew Schwartz
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Some Teens Robbed a Pot Shop and Wound Up with a Bunch of Oregano

Cops say they plowed into a dispensary with a van and escaped in a getaway car—all for some literal herb.
Drew Schwartz

The Best Way to Steal a Shark Is by Pretending It's a Baby, Apparently

Video footage shows a trio of thieves waltzing into a Texas aquarium, swaddling the shark, and wheeling it out like a baby in a stroller.
Drew Schwartz
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Two Government Employees Had Weapons-Grade Plutonium Stolen From Their Rental Car

Dude, where’s my weapons-grade fissile material?
Daniel Oberhaus

'Bad Idea/Good Idea,' Today's Comic by Lukas Weidinger

Everything goes terribly wrong when a bear and a crocodile decide to rob a bank.
Lukas Weidinger

Watch Thieves Casually Steal $27,000 of Mac Gear from an Apple Store

They just jog around grabbing computers while everyone inside watches.
River Donaghey

'Groceries for the Week,' Today's Comic by Everett Glenn

After pulling a heist on some fake gangsters, Everett's friend becomes quite the lovebird.
Everett Glenn