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The Story Behind That Guy Who Married an Anime Hologram in Japan

There's more going on here than a super strange wedding reception.
VICE Staff
2 days ago

Lakeith Stanfield and Flying Lotus Are Making a Bonkers Netflix Anime

The streaming service just announced 'Yasuke,' a magic samurai robot anime, along with four other titles including 'Pacific Rim' and 'Altered Carbon.'
Beckett Mufson

The Emotionless Future of War Means Even More Killing

A new report thinks dispassionate killer robots will carry out the conflicts of tomorrow. What could possibly go wrong?
Tom Whyman
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I Don't Care if This Robot Dog Can Dance, It Will Still Kill Us All

Don't let its cute new moves fool you.
River Donaghey
The Power and Privilege Issue

The Robots Are Coming, and They Want Your Job

Experts believe almost a third of the global workforce will be automated by 2030. But are universities preparing students for the rise of the office machines?
Matt Blake
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This Bizarre YouTube Channel Is Devoted to a Long-Lost Chuck E. Cheese Robot

Watch a few videos of the King, and Kanye's unhinged tirade in the Oval Office will soon be but a distant memory.
Drew Schwartz

Oh Good, Drones Have Flamethrowers Now

Just when you thought this hellscape couldn't get any worse.
Drew Schwartz
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Good News: This Terrifying Android Just Learned How to Run

A priceless skill for hunting humans to extinction.
River Donaghey

The Future of War Is Autonomous Killer Robots Battling to the Death

Just a quick update on how we're all going to die.
Mattha Busby
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AI Predicted the Future of Porn Searches and We Can't Stop Laughing

Apparently the next big thing in porn has something to do with "doot sex," "tang pong," and "big blomjobs."
Drew Schwartz
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Oh Good, Those Robodogs Are Fighting Back Against Humans Now

Yep, we're screwed.
Drew Schwartz

I Used a 'Human Uber' Surrogate to Do My Job for Me

And it was terrible.
Brian McManus