This 'Seinfeld'-Themed Pop-Up Bar Has Endless Reruns But No Soup For You

It may not be Monk's Café, but Costanza's is now open for business in Sacramento.
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climate change

California's Air Is as Bad as Beijing's and It Will Only Get Worse from Here

Thanks to climate change, massive wildfires and the unhealthy smog they emit aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
Cole Kazdin
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This Guy Ran Back to His Burning Car to Light a Cig and Singed His Eyebrows

He was later charged with a DUI.
River Donaghey
DNA Data

Public DNA Database Cracked the Golden State Killer Case, Police Say

Authorities were led to Joseph James DeAngelo by cross-checking his genetic data on GEDmatch, a free and open-source DNA database.
Sarah Emerson

Internet Sleuths Are Harassing the Family of the Golden State Killer Suspect

Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested in connection to the 1978 murders of Brian and Katie Maggiore. Now, his family's information is being posted online.
Sarah Emerson
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

John Bolton named national security adviser, BLM activists block NBA arena over Stephon Clark shooting, gunman takes hostages at French supermarket, and more.
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Greta Gerwig's Catholic High School Is Throwing a 'Lady Bird' Oscars Party

Complete with a thrift-store prom dress contest and screenings of the director's old high school theater productions.
River Donaghey
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Skier Lost in New York Has No Idea How He Ended Up in California

The man was reportedly still dressed in his ski clothes and had no idea what day it was. He also had a new phone and a fresh haircut.
River Donaghey
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Kushner copped $285 million loan just before election, cops break up LGBTQ rally in Istanbul, Ohio government websites hacked with pro-ISIS messages, and more.
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A Lot Like Birds Are Back With a Surreal New Video for “The Sound Of Us”

It lands somewhere between a Shakespearean tragedy​, 'Eyes Wide Shut' and your night in Bussey Building last Saturday.
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Stream So Stressed’s Anxious, Captivating New Record, ‘Please Let Me Know’

Their third LP is their first for Wavves' Ghost Ramp label
Alex Robert Ross

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Obama will speak out against Trump if he threatens America's core values, protestors and police clash at the Dakota pipeline site, and more.
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