Santa Barbara

The Rundown

Boston Program Pays Former Criminals to Get College Degrees

Your daily guide to what's working, what's not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff

How a Tiny Red Crab That Looks Like Batman Cured My Hangover

Sometimes tiny crabs aren't the worst.
Richard Parks
light art

To Save Trees, Travis Threlkel Is Lighting Them on Fire

A light show and a rock concert combine for environmental awareness.
Taylor Lindsay
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Here's How You Can Join Women Protesting Trump Today

Women and allies from marginalized communities are protesting across 18 different US cities by skipping work and avoiding spending any money.
Lauren Messman

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Trump says he'd consider racial profiling, the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to gun control laws in two states, Star Trek actors mourn Anton Yelchin, and more.
VICE Staff
Coffee farming

Drought-Parched California Figured Out How to Grow Coffee Somehow

Those clever Californians and their whopping five inches of annual rainfall have found a way to farm a crop that is used to receiving up to 390 inches of annual rainfall, take a look at this god-like example of greenthumbery for yourself.
Javier Cabral

Santa Barbara's Most Sought-After Crabs Outlived an Oil Spill

Steve Escobar is California's premiere crabber and he's not letting 100,000 gallons of spilled crude oil faze him, or his pristine 5,000-pound rock crab harvest.
Shannon Kelley

Uni Tataki with Avocado Mousse, Serrano, Hearts of Palm, and Seaweed Doritos

Eat this 2.0 version of chips and guacamole.
Nick Erven

Hunter and Gatherer: Uni Diver

In our new series Hunter and Gatherer, MUNCHIES joins Stephanie Mutz, a Santa Barbara sea urchin diver as she dives deep for California gold.
Stephanie Mutz

Miss Honduras Was Allegedly Killed by Her Sister's Boyfriend

She was found buried in a riverbank along with her sister, having apparently been shot at least twice in the back.
Matt Taylor

Chef's Night Out: Raj Parr

Host Rajat Parr of The Mina Group takes our taste buds on a journey around the world: grapes from Burgundy, grilled avocados from California, Mexican-inspired kati rolls from India, and 80-year-old apple brandy from Normandy—all in beautiful Santa...
Rajat Parr

A Bottle of Wine Changed My Life

The bottle was ten years old and mind-boggling upon taste. It was a life-changing moment that influenced me to set out on a quest to understand more about wine. What has resulted is an entire career path and a lot of trips to Burgundy.
Rajat Parr