Second Amendment


Texas' Governor Didn't Even Mention Guns in His New 8-Point Executive Order to Combat Mass Shootings

It's only a few days since Gov. Abbott said, “I’m tired of the dying.”


The NRA is in crisis. Its members aren't too worried.

The NRA board president stepped down on Saturday, while New York opened an investigation into the association's finances.


Colorado lawmakers just passed a "red flag" law to take guns away from dangerous people

The legislation now heads to Democratic Gov. Jared Polis’ desk for his signature.


Trump's federal ban on bump stocks just got the go-ahead

The Las Vegas shooter had accessorized a dozen of his 23 rifles with bump stocks, which allowed him to kill 59 and wound more than 400


Gun rights groups are ready to fight Trump's ban on the accessory that fueled the Las Vegas massacre

“In the coming days, an estimated half a million bump stock owners will have the difficult decision of either destroying or surrendering their valuable property"


Parkland PR consultant calls critics “crazies” and a journalist “skanky” and smelly in video

"He is sloppy, he’s reckless, he’s mean, and he smells bad."


Fox News is hawking a racist “Build the wall” Lego knockoff

One set shows a Trump-like figure in a hardhat standing in front of a grey brick wall. On the other side of the wall is a man in a sombrero


Democrats in red states aren't ignoring gun control anymore. They're embracing it.

For Democrats, particularly those running in red states, gun control used to be a no-win political issue. Not anymore.


Kids are traumatized from gun violence in Chicago and a new lawsuit says it's the governor's fault

A class-action lawsuit claims the state is violating the civil rights of children by failing to enact gun legislation.


Watch a survivor of Parkland testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Kavanaugh: "Remember my story”

Eastmond, 17, wore a t shirt and sat among career lawyers and other advocates on a panel before the committee, where she described how she thought she might die in her fourth-period Holocaust history class when a gunman stormed her school.


Gun control groups are racing against the clock to stop 3D gun blueprints from going online

In the last few days, outrage over the Trump administration’s decision to settle the long-stalled case has escalated.


GOP candidate for Arizona Senate and gun rights advocate killed his own mother

A GOP candidate for state Senate in Arizona says he knows a good guy with a gun is the solution to gun violence, because he shot and killed his mother when he was a teenager.