Former Porn Star Sunny Leone's Biopic Has Pissed Off Some Sikh Leaders

Protest has been threatened if “Kaur” is not removed from the title.
Allison Tierney
Hate Crime

How Governments Can Curb Anti-Sikh Discrimination

It starts with making sure efforts to stop hate crimes aren't themselves discriminatory.
Nick Chester

Why Hasn't the UK Banned Caste Discrimination?

A survey we conducted in London found that 20 percent of people have been personally affected, so it's strange the government is still dragging its feet.
Nick Chester
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Sikh Woman Says She Had to Show an Airline Employee Her Breast Pump to Prove She Wasn't a Terrorist

Valarie Kaur wrote on Facebook that a fellow passenger became angry and suspicious after she removed the carry-on tag from her bag.
Brian McManus

Gamergate Supporters Are Responsible for the Terrorist Photoshopping of Journalist Veerender Jubbal

Evidence obtained by VICE connects the widely published doctored image with Gamergate supporters.
Rich Stanton

From Gandhi to a Sikh Cabbie: Ben Kingsley’s Groundbreaking Turn in ‘Learning to Drive’

We spoke to the distinguished actor about his new film, tapping into "collective rage," and his portrayal of a Sikh cabbie.
Pilar Belendez-DeSha

Meet the Sikh Man Who Wants to Arm His Turbaned Brothers

Gursant Singh is a uniquely American mix of red-blooded gun boosterism and the heritage of a religion birthed half a world away. According to him, the best way to combat the uptick in hate crimes toward Sikhs is to start packing heat.
Basim Usmani
Question Of The Day

Which Religion Is the Most Stylish?

Faith Vs. Faith: Who has the sharpest garms?
Kareem Ghezawi