‘Creed II’ Is Great Because It’s Yet Another ‘Rocky’ Remake

The film delivers because of—not in spite of—the well-worn formula.
Noel Ransome
Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong Is Trying to Wiggle His Way Back into American Hearts Again

Five years after his Oprah confession, Armstrong is proving, one podcast at a time, that we'll forgive anyone.
Tom Owen

An Ex-Pro Soccer Player Explains How Easy It Is to Dope

"I was only tested once throughout my entire career, while some players I knew were never tested at all."
Ferdinand Dyck
VICE Video

Inside America's Most Violent Wrestling Tournament

Wrestlers fight with their own makeshift weapons and barbed wire to inflict as much pain as possible.
VICE Staff

I Tried Naked Yoga and Got Reacquainted with My Body

"Our mats on the floor were laid out in a semicircle. For obvious reasons, you don't want to sit behind someone when you're doing yoga in the nude."
Insa Schniedermeier
double dutch

Double Dutch Is Back and It Is Breathtaking

For the first time in more than three decades, double dutch has returned to New York City's Lincoln Center to celebrate women of color and expose a new generation to the art of turning ropes.
Erica Euse

This Might Be the Most Daring Tennis Stunt Yet

Swedish sports brand Björn crosses borders—literally—in a new spot.
Emerson Rosenthal

The Medieval Reenactors Who Want to Make Jousting an Olympic Sport

There's a campaign for the old timey horseback stick-battle to be at a future games, so I went to find out if it's worthy or not.
Joe Bish
thump news

Did You Know that Gold Medal Winning Diver Chris Mears Makes Terrible EDM in His Spare Time?

Winner of gold medals, producer of awful EDM.
Angus Harrison
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Skateboarding Is Now Officially an Olympic Sport

Gnar, gnar.
VICE Staff
daily vice

Cockfighting in the Canary Islands

VICE travels to the Spanish islands, where the practice is still legal, to meet with men who want to keep the tradition alive, as well as the activists who see it as "cruel amusement."
VICE Staff

Iceland's Amazing Euro 2016 Run Made Me Believe Anything Is Possible

Two long-shot teams have defied the odds and made this a tournament worth watching—and this time, one of those teams was my home country.
Sindri Eldon