We Asked People to Sum Up Their Most Irrational Fear in Six Words

"Unknowingly being 'muffin top epidemic' b-roll."
Anna Goldfarb
Black Women Making History

Overcoming Her Stalker Helped Rebecca O'Neal Thrive as a Comedian

The Chicago native paid her dues back home and escaped an ex. Now she's pushing the industry to treat comedians like her the right way.
Keisa Reynolds
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Stalker Allegedly Followed Malia Obama to Her Internship and Proposed

He's reportedly accosted the former first daughter in Washington and New York, declaring his love for her.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Family Is Still Being Terrorized by the 'Watcher' Stalking Their House

After getting creepy mail from someone called the "Watcher" back in 2014, the Broadduses say they've received another "sinister" letter.
Drew Schwartz

Why Do People Keep Threatening Tennis Players with Violence On Social Media?

As betting on tennis has increased dramatically, so has the volume death threats from scorned gamblers to tennis players via social media.
David Cox

Michael Attempts to Perform a Good Deed in Today's Comic from Stephen Maurice Graham

When your social anxiety makes you seem like an insane stalker.
Stephen Graham
Restaurant Confessionals

Sex-Crazed Groupies Are Stalking Australia's Chefs

Working in restaurants has gone from a humble means of employment to a sort of rock star lifestyle, with "chef groupies" going as far to stalk chefs with dossiers listing their favorite foods and sexual positions.

Jessica Lea Mayfield Dealt with Her Stalker by Writing a Song About Him

Watch the new video for “I Want to Love You” and find out why Jessica ditched her alt-country roots to make a sludgy, grungy guitar album.
Caitlin White

Therapy with Steve Girard, AKA Stevie Eats Worms

I hate to keep coming back to this, but after I gargled my piss on the internet I received a lot of heartfelt missives from urine enthusiasts the world over. One very intrusive fan even searched my DNS registration and sent me a text with my father’s...
Kara Crabb

I Got Stalked and It Was a Total Bummer

I didn't think much about the phone calls until she told me that God, in fulfillment of a blood covenant revolving around the End Times, had chosen me to father her child. It's not the worst pickup line I've ever heard, but the parts about her dying...
Ben Potrykus

TIFF 2012 Celebrity Stalk-Off

TIFF means film premieres, celebrities, and, most importantly, celebrity stalkers. In the spirit of the festival we sent two interns to stalk their favorite stars, Ryan Gosling and Marisa Tomei. They came back with harrowing tales of close encounters...
Brad Casey and Sam Zaret