The Many Ways Planned Obsolescence Is Sabotaging How We Preserve Internet History

We keep screwing over yesterday’s technology due to an intent focus on what we’re doing today. The problem of planned obsolescence is only getting worse.


The First iPhone Was a Landline

Before the smartphone fit in your bag, it sat on your desk—and sometimes, it was even called an iPhone. Let’s check out a few landline smartphones.


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Mechanical Keyboards Are Thriving Because Apple and Microsoft Don't Make Them

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The PC of Your Dreams Might be Hiding in a Company’s Surplus Bin

The charm of buying old workstation hardware on the cheap to support your modern computing needs. If it doesn’t work for them, it might just work for you.


Is Adobe’s Creative Cloud Too Powerful for Its Own Good?

Why the creative software giant Adobe deserves a place in the broader discussion of breaking up tech giants like Facebook and Google. It’s not just Photoshop.


The Joystick Artisan

From the arcades to the living room, how the controller has evolved—and why one tech historian, Benj Edwards, started building his own.


Are Hackintosh Users More Passionate About the Mac Than Apple?

The Hackintosh has become a phenomenon in recent years, despite knotty ethical questions, because Apple’s neglected superfans won’t stop thinking different.


Close Your Browser Tabs. You Won’t Miss Them.

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How Robotic Arms Defined the Industrial Revolution

The evolution of the robotic arm, a product invented in the US that came to define modern factories around the world. It wasn't an easy sell in America.


The First Portable Computers Were the Size of an RV

Why the first 'portable' computers, produced before integrated circuits, would really stretch the term today. Some portables needed a truck to move.


How the Clapper Came to Define Modern Home Automation

The Clapper was in the same category—and owned by the same guy—as the Chia Pet. Nonetheless, the somewhat primitive device introduced millions of people to the idea of simple home automation. Would we have Alexa without it?