Verizon Claims 5G Will Help Fight Cancer. Experts Say That’s Not Likely

5G is not magic, and experts say the wireless technology is not likely to revolutionize hospitals.
Karl Bode

American Cell Phone Carriers Are Terrible and 5G Isn't Magically Going to Save Us

The US lost the race to fast, affordable 4G. The wireless industry now wants the public to believe that 5G will be a silver bullet.
Karl Bode

American ISPs Are Better Than Ever, FCC Proclaims in Study Based on Flawed Data

Ajit Pai's FCC says more Americans than ever have access to fast internet connections, but critics say the study is "fundamentally at odds with reality."
Karl Bode
big tech

FCC Ignores History, Plans to Rubber Stamp T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

Experts say reducing the number of major wireless competitors will make phone plans more expensive for everyone.
Karl Bode
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The FCC Flubbed the Puerto Rico Hurricane Response and Won't Answer Questions About it

"The FCC has yet to conduct a vigorous investigation into the failure of the islands’ communications infrastructure, which was a major factor in the death toll."
Karl Bode
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In Letters To Senate, Wireless Carriers Downplay Their Latest Location Data Scandal

Carriers insist location data scams are rare and they do their best to police them. Government investigators may want to confirm that claim.
Karl Bode
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The Unpopular Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Looks Increasingly Doomed

Regulators aren’t sold on the companies’ claims that fewer competitors means more competition and lower prices.
Karl Bode

5G May Never Live up to the Hype

5G will provide faster speeds to urban users, but cost and widespread availability could remain stumbling blocks for many years to come.
Karl Bode
Right to Repair

A Cell Phone Carrier Breaks With Big Telecom, Announces Support for Right to Repair Legislation

Cell phone providers have actively lobbied against right to repair legislation, but Ting Mobile announced that it supports consumers' right to fix the things they own.
Matthew Gault
net neutrality

Bill That Would Restore Net Neutrality Moves Forward Despite Telecom’s Best Efforts to Kill it

Last minute attempts to weaken the proposal failed as bill now moves toward a showdown in the House and Senate.
Karl Bode

AT&T Jacks Up TV Prices Again After Merger, Despite Promising That Wouldn’t Happen

AT&T insisted that post-merger “efficiencies” would likely result in lower, not higher rates.
Karl Bode
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If We're Going to Break Up Big Tech, We Shouldn’t Forget Big Telecom

Senator Elizabeth Warren proposed breaking up tech giants Facebook, Google, and Amazon on Friday—but big telecom is in dire need of the same treatment.
Karl Bode