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Children Are Still Fighting Muay Thai — Even After the Death of a Young Boy

Fans and families like things the way they are.
Dexter Thomas
Karen Ye
food news

Bar Promised Free Shots for US World Cup Goals, Didn't Know They'd Score 13

Team USA broke the record for the most goals ever scored in a World Cup match.
Jelisa Castrodale

Seasteading Bitcoin Fans Say They're 'On the Run' From Thai Government

The 'first seasteaders' wanted a new life free from national laws, now they say they're on the run after reports of criminal charges related to their waterborne structure.
Jordan Pearson
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

Making Peace with the Heroin Addict I Used to Be

Getting off heroin is one thing, facing the consequences and damage of the years you spent on drugs is another.
Hannah Brooks

The Battle for Legal Medical Marijuana Hits Malaysia

A landmark decision legalizing medical weed in Thailand has some other countries questioning whether they should follow suit.
VICE Staff

Marathoner Runs 19 Miles with Lost Puppy, Adopts Him After Race

Khemjira Klongsanun was running a marathon in Thailand when she came across a lost puppy in the road. She couldn't help herself, and so she brought it along.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Fast Food

We Tried the Spicy, Pork-Filled Menu of Bangkok's First Taco Bell

Don't worry: The cutesy text on the Fire sauce packets is still there, just in Thai.
Laurel Tuohy

Sticky Rice Has Taken an Unexpected Turn Into Diplomacy

Government officials in Thailand and Cambodia are spreading political messages through huge feasts of sticky rice.
Bettina Makalintal
Saudi Arabia

The Saudi teen who fled to Thailand has officially become a refugee

The U.N. high commissioner for refugees has referred her to Australia for resettlement.
David Gilbert
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

Life After Heroin Is Beautiful and Boring

One of the hardest lessons around being sober is learning to appreciate the ordinary, the mundane, and the normal.
Hannah Brooks
Oleg Deripaska

"Sex huntress” Anastasia Vashukevich says she gave tapes proving election meddling to Putin’s friend

“He promised me a little something already.”
David Gilbert

These Dazzling Gemstones Are Home to Microbes

It's the first time traces of life have been found inside these precious jewels.
Becky Ferreira