Electrocuting Eggs Will Get Rid of Their Fart Smell

Japanese researchers found that treating an egg with electricity will get rid of any noxious odor (and make the egg white softer).


As a Chef, I Wish Yelp Didn't Exist

A chef and restaurateur shares why reading online reviews is a maddening experience for many food industry professionals. Just remember, fine dining isn't a fucking community swimming pool.


Unwind with Some Pictures of Puppies that Look Like Fried Chicken

What she does is post pictures of various animals—dogs, shrews, chicks, and more—and their food soulmates. Or at least the foods they most resemble.


Being an Artisanal Baker Destroyed My Body

In industrial bakeries, everything in the bread-making process is ergonomic with vigilant precautions towards health and safety. In small bakeries, this is often not the case.


WTF Happened to Government Cheese?

Does anyone remember that cheap dairy by-product that stunk up American kitchens from the late 70s to the early 90s with the stench of stinky gym socks?


Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ Is the Most Depressing Part of Being a Waiter

For this edition of Restaurant Confessionals, waiter Thomas Clarke shares his frustration about being forced to sing the Birthday Song to strangers in the name of hospitality.


Valentine's Day Is Better with Weed Butter

My first foray into weed edibles was in seventh grade, but later in life it became a lucrative side business to supplement my full-time gig as a professional baker. As such, I can say that nice weed edibles are the best Valentine's Day gift ever.


What It’s Like as a Waitress to Watch Your Messy Valentine’s Day Tinder Date

Valentine’s Day is the same in every restaurant I’ve worked at but a couple of years ago, I watched one customer accidentally arrange two Tinder dates for the same night.


I Sold Pills to Manhattan's Elite from a Restaurant Coat Check

You can make a hell of a lot of money as a drug-dealing restaurant hostess.


Working at an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Comes with Unlimited Craziness

People are extraordinarily dirty-ass eaters at a buffet. They steal food and think that they don't have to tip—even after I clean up the shells and bones they just throw on their tables.


Some of Miami’s Best Tapas and Wine Are Inside This Gas Station

This convenience store is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With one of the better selections of wine in the city of Miami, this place is clearly not fucking around.


Restaurant Customers Should Be Forced to Work in the Service Industry

That's really great that you've toured the gustatory delights of Rome, but this is my restaurant and I'm going to serve food my way. And yelling at me isn't helping anything, either.