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Do We All See the Man Holding an iPhone in This 1937 Painting?

Wait for it.
Brian Anderson

An Artist Is Sharing His Mysterious Graphic Novel One Panel at a Time

In the ‘The Cormorant,' illustrator Kevin Finney creates a complex, paranoid story that spans the globe, and he’s showing the panels on his Instagram page.
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Thomas Pynchon Might Have Published a New Novel About Community Colleges Under a Pseudonym

The theory sounds like a paranoid conspiracy straight from pages of 'The Crying of Lot 49,' but a new article in 'Harper's Magazine' tries to make the case.
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Paul Thomas Anderson on 'Inherent Vice,' Kubrick, and Hangovers

"I think it's good to think of the film as, like, that moment when you wake up in the morning and you've been drinking the night before."
Amelia Abraham

'Inherent Vice' Leaves Out the Book's Vintage Web Paranoia

Somewhere in the adapting, IV: The Film loses IV: The Book's slight-but-sly critique of ARPAnet, the progenitor of the internet.
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Catching Up with the Actress Formerly Known as Belladonna

Belladonna's fans have been wondering what she's been doing since leaving porn, and I'm sure they were shocked to see her pop up in <i>Inherent Vice</i>.
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Paul Thomas Anderson on Why He Made 'Inherent Vice'

&#34;Any time a new book of Pynchon&#39;s has come out—at least since I&#39;ve been around—it&#39;s like I hang the &#39;do not disturb&#39; sign on the door and don&#39;t come out until it&#39;s done.&#34;
Paul Thomas Anderson
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Director Paul Thomas Anderson Talks 'Inherent Vice'

Meredith Danluck sits down with the filmmaker to talk about his new surf noir, an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's 2009 novel. He also shares an exclusive trailer.
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'Inherent Vice' and the Complicated Protagonists of Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson is not afraid to get weird. His latest effort happens to get weird in the sense that it seems to deliver a contact high as you're watching it.
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Thomas Pynchon and the Myth of the Reclusive Author

Pynchon's cameo in the upcoming movie version of <i>Inherent Vice</i> will represent the first time the author has appeared in public in decades, but it's not as if the man is some kind of ghost.
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Now That Burial's Revealed Himself, Who Are The Remaining Anonymous Artist Icons?

Would you actually want to see an unveiled Pynchon, MF Doom, or helmet-less Daft Punk?
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We Await Silent Thomas's Empire

Pynchon’s newest novel, <i>The Bleeding Edge</i>, comes out next week. Penguin released a teaser, which I skeptically read up to the point, a few paragraphs in, where a boy named Ziggy tells his mom that a tree "doesn't suck."
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