Tanzania Plans to Arrest Pregnant Girls and Take Them to Court

The regional commissioner in charge of the plan argued that it would make them less likely to have sex.


Remembering Lindsay Lohan's Bonkers Christmas Light Feud with an Entire English Town

“Everyone knows where Kettering is... It’s famous as the home of Weetabix breakfast cereal.”


Tabloids Freak Out Over Trans-Inclusive Changing Rooms, Which Are Nothing New

Hysterical commentators have accused Topshop of caving to "the trans lobby" after the company said that customers can use changing rooms that correspond to their gender identity. But many British retailers have always had trans-friendly policies in place.


Mother of Four Found Dead in Freezing Home After Her Welfare Was Cut Off

38-year-old Elaine Morrall had her welfare payments stopped after missing an interview with officials, her mother claims. She later died, wearing a coat and scarf, in a home she couldn't afford to heat.


How Terrorist Groups Like ISIS Use Sexual Violence to Lure Recruits

Researchers behind a new report argue that recruits are drawn to terror groups like ISIS and Boko Haram specifically because they offer opportunities to commit sexual violence.


Egypt Launches Brutal LGBTQ Crackdown After People Waved Pride Flags at Gig

Egypt has arrested 33 people and subjected at least five to forced anal examinations, human rights organizations say.


Anti-Abortion MP Jacob Rees-Mogg Admits to Profiting Off Abortion Drug Sale

The Conservative politician's investment firm owns almost £5 million of shares in a pharma company that produces misoprostol—a drug commonly used to terminate pregnancy.


Convicted Rapists Set Free After Court Deems Victim 'Promiscuous'

An Indian high court freed the woman's rapists and criticized her for smoking, drinking, owning condoms, and having a "promiscuous attitude."


Even with Universal Healthcare, DIY Abortions Are on the Rise in the UK

Abortion is legal and free to access through the NHS in most of the UK, but new research suggests that vulnerable women are being forced to seek other options.


The Teenage Girl Who Ran Away to Join ISIS Could Face the Death Penalty

Iraq's prime minister said that young ISIS recruits like 16-year-old German schoolgirl Linda Wenzel "are accountable for their actions".


New Study Links Online Trolling to Men's Narcissism

Researchers explain how narcissistic tendencies may explain why men are more predisposed to engage in internet bullying and other forms of antisocial behavior.


Bikini Baristas Are Suing for Their Right to Sell Coffee in a Thong

Authorities in Everett, Washington state are trying to stop women from serving lattes in their panties—but people are fighting back in court.