Hackers Hijacked VR Chatrooms to Manipulate Users' Reality

Security researchers found critical vulnerabilities in three different virtual reality applications that would have allowed hackers to take control of victims’ computers.


Black Mirror's 'Striking Vipers' is a Skin-Deep Exploration of VR Sex

Netflix's fifth season of 'Black Mirror' follows two best friends who find their relationship complicated by a virtual reality game.


Valve's New High-End VR Headset Kit Costs $999

The Valve Index marks the Steam operator's entry into the premium VR gaming market, undercutting the HTC Vive Pro.


Facebook Accidentally Shipped VR Devices With Secret Messages Saying 'Big Brother Is Watching'

Tens of thousands of touch controllers shipped with labels like 'Big Brother Is Watching,' and 'The Masons Were Here.'


'Falcon Age' Is a Damning Anti-Colonialist Story In Search of a Better Game

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this cute bird. This bird is like family to me. BUT...


'Astro Bot' Is a Nintendo Quality Platformer That's Also a VR Stunner

Wipe the dust off your VR headset, put the cables in the right spot, and spend some time with the game engineered to make you smile.


Take a Rollercoaster Ride Through a Duck's Vagina in Virtual Reality

“VR Duck Genitalia Explorer” is a trip through a duck’s reproductive system.


An Ayahuasca Journey in Virtual Reality

The 17-minute "mixed-reality" work 'Awavena' melds augmented reality, 360-degree film footage, and VR to tell the story of the sacred brew.


This Virtual Reality Dog Could Prevent Dog Bites

As players get closer, the dog shows anxiety and aggression through body language.


The Real Future of VR Probably Isn't at Your Computer, It's at the Mall

It may not be the Holodeck, but it's surprising how much The VOID feels like it.


Here's 2 Chainz Trying Some $3 Million Virtual Reality

We're not sure why this is so funny, but it is.