No One Knows Exactly How Much Herbicide Is in Your Breakfast

A new lawsuit raises a lot of questions about what exactly is in the stuff we put in our faces every morning.
Kristin Lawless
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Thailand Is Planning to Send Drunk Drivers to Morgues as Punishment

Thai authorities want drunk drivers to "feel the pain, so that they may understand and attain a good conscience."
Helen Donahue
How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of a Contagious Disease Wiping Out Humanity?

Can the microbes just decide to rise up and destroy us?
Mike Pearl

What Life Was Like on the Ground During the Ebola Crisis

We spoke with correspondent Danny Gold about the psychological effects of reporting on a deadly epidemic, and if the world will be better prepared for the next one.
Dory Carr-Harris
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A New Vaccine Could Finally End the Ebola Epidemic

A trial in Guinea resulted in no new cases among vaccinated individuals, despite their close proximity to people infected with Ebola.
Bo Franklin

A Rural Cambodian Village Has Been Hit by a Massive HIV Outbreak

Local authorities in Roka, where 233 people have recently tested positive for HIV, blame an unlicensed doctor who may have spread the disease by using dirty needles.
Clothilde Le Coz

100 Pickled Brains Have 'Gone Missing' from the University of Texas

How do you steal 100 brains? The logistics alone boggle the mind.
VICE Staff

The Black Plague Is Spreading in Madagascar

The disease was once confined to rural villages but has now spread to the impoverished nation's capital.
Allie Conti

Toronto Just Fired the Greatest Mayor of All Time

After a string of brilliant and public performance comedy sketches, Rob Ford, Toronto's 64th mayor, has been removed from office.
VICE Canada
The Talking Issue

A Woman Who Made A Documentary About Vaginoplasty

Recently, Heather plunged herself headfirst into the murky world of vaginoplasty, or “voluntarily having a plastic surgeon chop off your labia.”
Andy Capper
The Homo Neanderthalensis Issue

VICE Presents The People's Lists

Minnie Keusch was born in Detroit in 1859. At 17 she contracted typhoid fever, was certified dead, and was sealed in her coffin.
Amy Wallace, David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace

A Nightmare On Me Street

Hypnagogia: It’s the phenomenon of experiencing very real and quite often terrifying dreamlike sensations while falling asleep or waking up.
VICE Staff