The Congo's Ebola Outbreak Just Reached a Crisis Level Seen Only 5 Other Times

“The reality check is that a year into the epidemic, it's still not under control, and we are not where we should be."


Mental Health Experts Warn Against World Health Organization's Definition of 'Gaming Disorder'

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Trump Is Ruining Our Health on a Global Scale Now

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A 25-Year-Old PhD Student Created Microscopic Throwing Stars to Fight Superbugs

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Thailand confirms first microcephaly cases linked to Zika

The U.S. issued new advice for pregnant women traveling to Southeast Asia, now the region has reported cases of the birth defect connected to the Zika virus.


Sex is causing Zika to spread more than scientists first realized

"Zika is a sexually transmitted disease now — we need to start thinking of it that way."


No One Got Zika At the Olympics and Brazil Is Relieved

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Boko Haram Has Prevented Nigeria From Eliminating Polio

Terrorism and war can ruin our chances at eradicating disease.