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VICE Specials

The Loop

A short film we made with Nokia and Stink Paris.

This short film is the result of a collaboration between Nokia, VICE and Stink Paris. Last November, Nokia approached VICE to help them understand what their new brand position ‘Everyday Adventures’ means to their youth audience. Nokia knew that, to the brand, ‘Everyday Adventures’ is all about celebrating real people and their passions in the contemporary urban world, but were unsure of what it meant to the real audience. The 'Global twenty-something' is continually evolving and trying to understand themselves. One thing that unites them is their adventurous attitude towards the everyday. Spoon-feeding a type of behaviour to this audience is often invalid – VICE needed to solve the problem by tapping into their creative talent to really understand an effective communication vehicle. Working with the Stink Paris director talent, the solution was to create a six-minute short film/documentary about people making a positive difference to their urban environment. It explores the relationship between the people who live in the city and their surroundings – via the vehicle of knitting messaging. It also looks into the powerful theme of serendipity, in the form of unexpected relationships between boys and girls from different sides of the Parisian tracks.