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Fake, Drug-Test-Foiling Dicks Are a Growing Business in Queensland

You need to be clean for 72 hours to give a drug-free urine sample. Unless you have a fake dick and pee, then you can do whatever you want.

A kit to beat drug tests containing a fake penises, heat pads, and a sachet of fake urine. All images run with permission from

Miners in Queensland are using prosthetic penises and synthetic urine to beat drug tests. The trend comes as mines are moving away from saliva testing in favor of urine, following research by the Australian Mine and Metals Association proved urine was more reliable.

Individuals need to be clean for 72 hours to give a drug free urine sample. Unless you have a fake dick and pee, then you can do whatever you want.


The prosthetic penises gaining popularity in the area contain a reservoir that can hold at least 60 ml of synthetic urine. The reservoir is a squeeze bottle with a syringe at the end of it, all of which is covered by a prosthetic dick. This is then strapped onto a man's back and heat pads are used to keep the urine at body temperature.

A selection of prosthetic penises.

In a video by Huffington Post, Richard Cusick, Associate Publisher of High Times Magazine, estimates the "drug test solutions (beat the test)" industry to be worth 10 percent of the $6 billion drug testing industry. This is making drug testing on mining sites even more complex. Products used to beat the compulsory tests can be purchased online for as little as $35 for a starter dick, and up to $320 for a sophisticated kit made up of strap on penises, heat pads, sachets of fake urine, and additives to make the pH levels and color look like real urine.

  • The main players in this business are the Whizzinator, Sweet Pee, and Monkey Dong. Online supplier, Jay, from the website, told VICE he has noticed a steady increase in sales over the past 12 months. He puts this down to the legalization of cannabis in regions around the world.

A synthetic-urine pouch

Despite improvements in testing, Diagnostic Laboratory Services (DLS) reported an increase in synthetic urine usage in 2015. Scientific Director of Toxicology, Carl Linden from the DLS said, "We were a little bit amazed to see the increased level of synthetic urine usage as it reduced substantially last few years after we found a method to identify it in 2010." Linden puts the increase down to improvements in undetectable formulas in new products.


The undetectable formula is believed to be synthetic creatinine that works in the same way organic creatinine does. Creatinine is a protein and by-product of muscle tissue breakdown found in pee. Tony Graham from the Australian Workplace Drug Testing Services told VICE, "In the good old days we could do a test on it and determine there was no creatinine in it."

The penises are available in a range of colors.

Following the recent reports of synthetic urine usage, Tony has had to increase his seminars aimed at educating workers and construction bosses about drug testing and cheating from one a year to 20.

Senior Gold Coast police officer Superintendent Jim Keogh said the synthetic urine market was booming and authorities are finding it difficult to crackdown due to the legitimacy of buying and selling fake urine. Given its legal status, the parameters of restricting it are complicated for authorities. "In reality, all they're doing is making a chemical compound in liquid form and selling it. They're not indicating what the purpose of the purchase is, at the time of selling it, it's certainly not a dangerous drug," Superintendent Keogh said.

Tony explained that he doesn't try and catch people, which will inevitably get them sacked. Instead, he tries to offer education on safety. "It does matter if they are high of legal drugs or not, we just want people to be safe when they are operating machinery."

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