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Delonte West Digs at LeBron, Jokes About Sleeping with James' Mom [Update]

Come on, man...
January 2, 2016, 11:50pm

Oh man, would you check out the shit that Delonte West said. Three years ago, he did a pretty great job of deflecting 2010 rumors that he was sleeping with his teammate LeBron James' mom, Gloria Marie James—even if it was a solid two years too late. And now he's gone and done this:

Since @kingjames wanna talk bad bout his pops I had to repost dis #Ha #NawReallyDoeImLebronSPops #AskGloria
— Delonte West (@dluckyleftywest) January 2, 2016


That's not conducive to batting away the rumors, man. It's more like adding napalm to the fire. West's dig at LeBron—with an already-made meme—has its precedent. On December 21, West seemingly came out of the blue to hate on James, with no real evident motive:

Fuck a Lebron James .. We used to be cool jo be we aren't cool no more Homie
— Delonte West (@dluckyleftywest) December 22, 2015

Granted, it's worth noting that West suffers from bipolar disorder. But in general, here's a hot tip: if you're trying to distance yourself from a rumor, don't keep dragging it up. Nothing left to do but SMDH at him.


We've spent far too much time hunting it down, but we've got a bit of a mystery here. Despite the fact that the official Texas Legends account wished the @dluckyleftywest handle a happy birthday, and West's teammate Jamario Moon has tweeted at the same account, here is West's real account—which is private so who knows what's actually going on here. According to the @dluckyleftywest account is at least two years old, but this is the earliest tweet on the account:

I'm back baby!!!!
— Delonte West (@dluckyleftywest) April 5, 2015

It's from April 2015, which suggests it was either dormant, or everything prior to that date was erased. So, maybe this @dluckyleftywest is a fake and West has nothing to do with it, but the interactions with teammates and his team seem strange. So maybe West stopped using @CharleeRedz13 and is now using @dluckyleftywest, or maybe he's using both and trolling the world. We have contacted the Legends and are waiting to hear back for confirmation as to whether or not West has anything to do with this account. Twitter is weird like that.