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Froogy’s Groovies Creates Mystical Pop On His New Track ‘What The Hell Am I Supposed to Do?’

Oakland multi-instrumentalist Emmet Moskowitz, aka, Muzzy steps out on his own on an upcoming cassette release.

Image: Marissa Leitman

Froogy’s Groovies is the project of Oakland visual artist and multi-instrumentalist Emmet Moskowitz, aka, Muzzy.

Moskowitz has been involved in various Bay Area bands including Emotional, Teenage Chain, and Healing Potpourri but Froogy’s Groovies sees Muzzy stepping out to write and record his own lo-fi and nonchalant pop.

Following MOOVES, an album on Death Records, Muzzy is set to release Is This Froogy’s Groovies?, a new cassette on River Girls, a label that operates between Lexington, Kentucky and Los Angeles.

With it's washed out vocals and lo-fi production, there’s a strangeness and a familiarity to the track, “What The Hell Am I Supposed to Do?” It almost sounds like something Ariel Pink would produce if he was to get an advance from Woodist records to hole up in a forest cabin and create some rural mystical pop. You can almost smell the pine cones, stove-top coffee and weed.

Is This Froogy’s Groovies? is available now through River Girls.