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It's like a lime juice cordial—sour and chill.

In the artist's own words, Geode's debut MIXED BY for THUMP is like a lime juice cordial—sour and chill. While that might sound like a strange comparison at first, after listening to his stunning selection, it all makes perfect sense. You all know that sensation you get when slurping down a tangy and sour beverage, the motion in which you pluck your lips at first, but then are plunged into a state of refreshing bliss. Well, this hour rundown of fluttering 2-step cuts seamlessly blended with a healthy plate of 140bpm goodness will have you closing your eyes to vivid visions of the tasty beverage, and might just have you muttering Geode's name in your sleep.


This London based producer is the co-founder of the Chord Maruaders collective and along with his mates, Congi, Jafu and B9, are working day and night to present their own unique take on a genre that was born not far from where they occasionaly hold label nights at the Plan B Basement in the city of Brixton. Their Soundcloud page referes to the label's flavor as "jazz influenced electronic music," and often comes off as buttery smooth, melodic dubstep that will flow right through your body like a cool summer night's breeze.

Geode tells us that the mix is one that's probably more ideal for a headphone session versus a 6AM blur in the club, and yearns to be a pallatte of interesting grooves and chord arrangments—one that you might fancy playing over a beer before you head to out into the night's darkness.

Get yourself locked into this lovely MIXED BY, which according to the artist would be an Osprey, if it was to be an animal. We like Ospreys, and love this.

Geode - Plankton Gravy [dub]
MJ Cole - Attitude ft. Elizabeth Troy
Ghost - The Club
Raven - Is it Real
Raven - I Just Knew
Jaw Jam - The Truth
Zerbaman - Hunting Season [dub]
B9 - Felvit
B9 - Naan
Geode - Variations on a Theme
Phaeleh & Geode - Neon Melt [Forthcoming 'A World Without' EP]
Jafu - Devil's Night
Geode - Pacific [dub]
Anex - Raise
Geode - Embrace VIP [dub]
B9 - De Piano [dub]
Mercy - Panels of Freights [dub]
Geode - Upwardly Moving Bird [dub]
Trashbat - Principles of Evil Made Fresh
Jafu - Goldwash [dub]
Gerwin - Your Lunchbox Kid [dub]
Mercy - Runnin' N Gunnin' [dub]
Geode - Lime Juice Cordial [GB3]
Mercy - Barbados [GB3]
Geode - Oblong [dub]
Geode - Beware [dub]
Facta - 36th Chamber
Commodo - Earl 1.6
Kromestar & Sun of Selah - Atlantis
Congi - Down & Further [GB3]
Ago - Untitled 097 [GB3]
Versa & Rowl - Theory of One
Subreachers - Moonraker [dub]

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If David was an animal he would probably be a sea otter, who chills with ospreys. @DLGarber