Here's Post Malone Trying—and Failing—to Prank People in a Record Store

The 'Beerbongs & Bentleys' singer thought going "deep undercover" meant wearing a hat and glasses.
Queens, US

Last week, an AP report suggested Post Malone wouldn't be eligible for their Best New Artist category, and after much consideration, it looks like he won't be winning any awards for best prankster either. After a summer of dodging hexes, we really want to see Posty enjoy himself, but this ain't it chief. The rapper pop singer took his talents to a record store to prank shoppers in support of some online charity raffle for a Bentley, and he does such a half-assed job that if you squint at it right it almost scans as kinda self-aware.


Post pretends to be a record store employee by donning an incredibly weak disguise of glasses and a hat, then walks around telling people how much his own music sucks. All jokes aside, did anyone bother to let Post Malone know that going "deep undercover" required an actual disguise? His cover is blown almost immediately, despite giving himself the name Skylar and putting on whatever-the-fuck voice that was. "You got me already," he says through a chuckle, to which the fan responds with, "You can't walk around with those tattoos and be invisible." She has a point. His quick stint at the record store humbled him on more than one occasion. Almost no one knew the name Post Malone and he was told he "needed more Jesus" after an older man read the lyrics to "Rockstar." The day wasn't a complete bust, though. There's a really sweet kid who says his favorite song is "Better Now by Post Malone" and is actually surprised when he removes his hat and glasses. I guess Post Malone is really for the kids after all. Watch the entire video above.

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