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Real Heroes Celebrate with Fireworks-Powered Windmills

Colin Furze makes things go boom.
January 13, 2016, 7:35pm
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British inventor and punk enthusiast Colin Furze is using 1,420 fireworks arranged on and around a DIY windmill to celebrate his 2 millionth subscriber, but you can use the amazing video he made to celebrate anything you want. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar mitzvahs—you name it, this explosive three-minute video will only make it more awesome.

He created a similar spectacle in May to commemorate his millionth subscriber, firing 300 rockets into the air with a simultaneous launching device he invented just for the occasion. Now, he's strapped the same contraption onto over four times the number of rockets, and it's beautiful.


You might remember Furze as the same guy who creates working Wolverine claws, a jet-powered go-kart, and a knife that toasts bread as he cuts it. All those inventions are wonderful, but it's nice to have something he made that we can actually use.

See more of Colin Furze's inventions on his YouTube channel.


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