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A Woman's Face Becomes an Evolving Cybernetic Surface

The design and animation studio Ouchhh return with a real-time face projection mapping work.
Images via Ouchhh

The creative new media agency Ouchhh has made all manner of audiovisual works, from large-scale projection mapping and light art installations to animation and commercial advertisements. For their latest project, Dare to Dream, part of the Vodafone Digital Transformation, Ouchhh directed, designed and animated a facial tracking project where visuals, many of them cybernetic and highly colorful, are projection-mapped onto a face in real time.


As with Nobumichi Asai’s wildly popular face-morphing video, Omote, Ouchhh create a sort of digital makeup for Dare to Dream. While the illusion isn't quite as seamless, the visuals are more experimental in their variety. And the sound design by Audiofil and music by Mercan Dede (who also did art direction) recalls the sounds of Blade Runner, evoking Vangelis’ unforgettable score.

Check out Dare to Dream below:

Dare to Dream_Vodafone_Digital_Transformation / REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING from Ouchhh on Vimeo.

Click here to see more of Ouchhh’s work.


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