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Get Filthy with SOPHIE's New Track "Ponyboy"

The British producer's new track and video throws everything at the wall.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Scottish-born, LA-based producer SOPHIE does what she wants, when she wants. Her last release "It's Okay to Cry" saw her subverting dance music expectations by carrying a build-up across multiple minutes, before climbing to a stormy (though not exactly danceable) peak. The song was better for not giving into formula, and its tenderness was welcome and surprising.

Her follow-up, however, couldn't be more different. The track, "Ponyboy," is as-in-your-face as your literal nose. It makes a meal of sexuality, with vocal sparring between a hyper-girly trill, a booming, industrial baritone, and SOPHIE's own purr. The lyrics are barely veiled in pony-based innuendo (lots of talk about riding and reins etc. etc.) and there are 90's dance samples dotted over the hammering beat as randomly as a Jackson Pollock painting.

Obviously it's excellent fun, and shows that while SOPHIE knows when to pull back, she also knows when to throw everything at a track, and make it all stick. Hear it, and watch the video, choreographed by performance duo FlucT who also feature alongside SOPHIE, above.

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