Almost 50 Percent of Indians Surveyed Have Lied About Being ‘Too Tired From Working’ to Avoid Having Sex

A new survey by a dating app reveals India’s kinky habits, views on monogamy and the frequency with which people fake an orgasm.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Almost half of indians surveyed lie about being too tired from working to avoid having sex
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Sex should ideally be the only thing we should take lying down. But instead, many Indians are lying to avoid getting down and dirty. At least that’s what a new sex survey conducted by Tinder on 1,500 singles in the 18-34 age group across seven urban Indian cities just revealed. This study exposes the naked truth, which is that 71 percent of Indians have made excuses or have come up with reasons to avoid having sex. The excuses range from being too tired from work (45 percent) and suffering from a headache (32 percent) to saying they didn’t have enough time (31 percent) or that their flatmate or family member might hear them (17 percent).


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Other findings reveal that we may be shy in the streets, but there’s a lot more going on in the sheets. Turns out, a majority of India are down to getting kinky in bed, with 71 percent of them saying they’re up for innovating, regardless of the age group. Most of them also revealed that they feel freer and more open to experimentation when they’re fucking casually or having a one-night stand.


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Meanwhile, almost half of Indians surveyed also say they have faked an orgasm, with men and women being equal partners in deceit out here.


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Additionally, 70 percent of Indian women also prefer monogamy as compared to 50 percent of men wanting to stay monogamous, while 35 percent went with the classic “IDK”.

When asked what gets them in the mood for sexy time, the answers ranged from going on a vacation, leaning on food as a big-time aphrodisiac, having a good day at work and also getting gifts.


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It also turns out that timing truly is everything for us Indians, with most people saying they prefer to fuck at night, while 32 percent could get going at any time of the day and a very small 8 percent were all about morning sex.

At least the happy ending here is that for urban Indian Gen Z and millennials, the playing field has opened wide and our attitude towards all things sex is slowly, but surely, becoming more open.

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