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Five Finger Death Punch Guy Disses Kanye West Onstage in Transparent Plea for Facebook Likes

Nü metal brute hates GOOD music.

Noted Minion pajama wearer Ivan Moody of Las Vegas nü metal fossils Five Finger Death Punch got a little frisky at a Philly show this weekend and tried to go at Kanye West. In a rant at the end of the gig, Moody led the audience in an aggy "Fuck Kanye West" chant and complained about media misrepresentation. A quick way to avoid trouble in the media is to not hit women or court shitty "beef" with celebrities who likely don't know you exist. A quick way to show you actually care deeply about the "controversy" you're courting is to muse about all the rabid Facebook attention you're gonna get for it.


Five Finger Death Punch are kings among dudes you shamefully caught yourself praying would get hit by a car in high school, who you might recognize nowadays selling you seedy nugs of reg in gas station parking lots. Clearly the band's do-you-even-lift-bro fandom is in rapid decline because here they are getting themselves in the press for stunts instead of music. And what a stunt. You know who else hates Kanye West? George W. Bush. Don't be George W. Bush.