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Do You Like Grindcore? Good, Then You'll Love Unrest's New Album

Stream the raging Philly trio's aptly-titled new album, 'Grindcore.'

Photo by Scott Kinkade

When Nasum frontman Mieszko Talarczyk was confirmed dead in 2005 following a massive tsunami in Thailand, the extreme metal underground was deeply saddened. While many fans lamented the lack of future output from one of grindcore's most visible acts, three Philadelphia natives decided to start a band to fulfill the needs of a world without Nasum. With no frills or subtlety, Unrest recorded their debut of relentless grind in 2011, yet kept it shelved until this year. With members of other noteworthy extreme metal acts (Woe, TrenchRot, and Crypt Sermon), it's clear that these musicians have sufficient pedigree to pay tribute with the aptly titled Grindcore.

Twelve tracks of timeless grind fill the album's twenty-six minutes, primarily charging onward at breakneck speed with dual vocals roaring over frantic guitars and ceaselessly aggressive drums. For a group intended as a tribute to a shared love, Unrest offer up highly memorable grind on songs like "Nothing (That's All You Have to Give)" and the surprising "Faith is a Hearse." While a few variations on the Nasum formula appear here, they're all welcome nods to other genre essentials. Whether you're a grind enthusiast or a curious listener with a passing interest, Grindcore conveys all that makes the genre so endearing in a single, easy to digest offering.

Grindcore, which will be released on CD by Unspeakable Axe Records on March 25, can be streamed in full below:

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