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One of the Rarest Synths in Electronic Music Has Just Been Rediscovered

UK company Digitana Electronics made the rediscovery.
Fotografía: Digitana Electronics Facebook

UK electronic instrument company Digitana Electronics has rediscovered the E.M.S. Synthi KB1 keyboard, one of the rarest synths in electronic music.

The synth prototype was made by Peter Zinovieff in 1971 for the prog rock band YES. It never made it to full production.

In a statement posted to their Facebook page, the company said the instrument remained, "essentially unused" for 56 years, though YES guitarist Steve Howe reportedly used it on a track for his "home-brew" demo recordings.

"We plan to release more photos and audio demos of this keyboard in the future so that E.M.S. fans everywhere can finally hear and find out more about this beautiful and historic instrument," Digital Electronic wrote in their statement.

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