Where There Is Dark Souls Discourse, There Is Waypoint Radio

Don't worry, we only spend...an hour...talking about it. We really constrained ourselves this time.
Image courtesy of Bandai Namco​
Image courtesy of Bandai Namco

We've returned from our trip to Boston only to find an olympic swimming pool filled with discourse waiting for us. So, what else could we do but dive right in? Rob, Austin, and Patrick try to untangle their own feelings on difficulty and accessibility in games, pushing at the boundaries of those terms until they find something that feels more representative and less reductive than the shorthand we've all been using in this conversation. They also bring more stories from the PAX East show floor, including more games about resisting Nazis, saving the earth, and… fighting in giant robots.


Discussed: Sekiro, Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, Civilization, Thrustmaster Racing Wheel & Pedals, Through the Darkest of Times, We Are The Caretakers, Man of Medan, Rad, Hardcore Mecha, What the Golf, El Hijo, Photographs

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