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We Don't Mind Waiting for These Stop-Motion Analog Loading Screens

Raphael Vangelis gives the rainbow wheel of death a DIY makeover.

Loading bars don't have to suck. If it's impossible for these motion graphics to represent an actual projected loading time, companies could at least take Raphael Vangelis' lead and make them beautiful.

The London-based animator released Analogue Loaders this week, a montage of enchanting user interface concepts using DIY stop-motion techniques. After designing each sequence in CAD software, he 3D-printed a battery of colorful bars, wheels, and icons based on his most frequently used programs and websites. When animating the sequences, to make each loader look like it's floating, he edited out glue, frames, and 3D-printed support structures.


Check out the result, which would be at home on Gumby's personal computer if he had one, in the GIFs and video below.

GIF via Vimeo

GIF via Vimeo

GIF via Vimeo

Click here to see how Analogue Loaders was made, and check out more of Raphael Vangelis' work on his on his website.


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