This Guy Is Cumming Out of His Ass

A rare complication from a catheter might have made this man ejaculate through his anus for two years. 
A CT scan of the man's pelvis, with an arrow showing where the fistula is.

A man spent two years nutting out of his butthole before seeking help, in a case that perplexed and impressed researchers.  

In a study titled “A Curious Case of Rectal Ejaculation,” published last month in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science, a team from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston describe a patient who sought out treatment after five days of pain in his balls—and two years of "a substantial amount" of semen shooting out of his rectum.

When the 33-year-old man went in for a CT scan of his pelvis, doctors saw that he had a rectal-prostate fistula, a rare condition where the body develops a hole that connects the rectum with the lower urinary tract and creates all kinds of problems (like shit in one's piss and vice versa). In this man's case, the hole created a new passageway for his sperm to travel; instead of flowing out of his dick, as he might expect, it took a hard left out of his anus. 

Fistulas like these are usually caused by trauma, chronic urinary tract infections, surgery, or cancer. This patient had an extended hospital stay two years ago, just before his problems began, where he was placed in a medically-induced coma to recover from a cocaine and PCP overdose. The researchers on this study hypothesize that an improperly-inserted catheter during his hospitalization could have caused the trauma to his urinary tract, and created the fistula.

His doctors were able to patch the hole with surgery and he made a full recovery. Although it's a super rare complication to catheters, the researchers wrote that their case "not only highlights a rare complication of catheter use but also emphasizes the importance of provider mindfulness when utilizing seemingly benign therapies" like catheters. It's also probably a good idea to see your doctor immediately if you start cumming out of your asshole.