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Who Are Trapdoor Records' Latest Signing, X&G?

A touch of the familiar and a taste of the unknown, all rolled into one.
April 6, 2015, 1:30pm
Photo courtesy of Kida

Looking back, some musical pairings seem fated to have come together. The more we learn about recent Trapdoor Records signing, X&G, the more we know this to be true.

Having grown up separately in California, producers Christian Williams and Aaron Spasiano both moved to Salt Lake City (separately) and found themselves contributing to local label Damn Son (again, separately). Christian produced drum 'n' bass under the alias Xian and Aaron produced an eclectic mix of sounds under the alias Gaszia. The two were as unlikely a match as you could possibly imagine, but quickly found common ground. "[Christian] showed me an entirely different approach to music creating," Aaron tells THUMP. "My workflow has evolved drastically."


In recent months, the two have been making music exclusively with one another.

Photo courtesy of Xian

Their second and most recent EP, 4am, is being released on beloved UK label Trapdoor Records and features five hypnotic tracks that have been whittled down and selected from of the pair's extensive back catalogue. Today, we're featuring a single from the release that we believe is supremely special. It's called "Home".

A wistful ballad brought to life by LA singer, Kidä, "Home" is a touch of the familiar and a taste of the unknown all rolled into one. Does it deserve its place alongside label-mates Daktyl, Phazz, and Stooki Sound? We'll let you be the judge.

"Home" is available now ahead of 4am's April 13th release.

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