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Surreal 3D Animated Music Video Seeks for the Meaning of Life

French visual artist Quentin Deronzier pulls off 3D animated magic once again.
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After embarking on a fantastical 3D journey into death’s void, French visual artist Quentin Deronzier turns to one of humanity’s lingering existential questions — the purpose of life. In his music video for Kidswaste’s “More Colors,” which features vocals by Chelsea Cutler, Deronzier renders a surreal world with a blend of dark hues and Day-Glo colors. The video opens on a couple bedecked in feathers, about to go their separate ways.


Deronzier follows the man on his solitary journey through gorgeously colored and textured landscapes, only to find himself right back where he started. The story would be a little saccharine if not for Deronzier’s deft touch with animated 3D visuals, which gives humanity’s eternal narrative a sense of true wonder and epic scale.

“More Colors” appears on Kidwastes’s new EP Spleen, out February 27, 2017 on New Wave Records and Ultra Music.

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