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Build a RAM Stick Metropolis in 'Memory: Leak'

Welcome to the fastest city-builder in the machine!
All images courtesy BeardyBard

Memory: Leak is a tiny, free, tile-based city builder made for Ludum Dare, and it is fast as hell. You need to build on tiles—all on teeny RAM chips—and filling each tile without burning up nets you a victory. You manage gold and population units, build housing, power plants, campuses and "alters," and generally try not to have the whole thing blow up in your face.

The blowing up will happen in a hot second if you aren't careful.

The action is complemented by crispy pixel art and a moody, chill soundtrack that kept me building even when I failed my tiny people time and again. Memory: Leak is not easy, but it's worth the learning curve to master its systems and bring your digital city to RAM-heaven. Or, at the very least, not RAM-hell.

You can play Memory: Leak for free, on Mac, PC, on in browser on its page.