charles bukowski

  • 'I Never Saw Him Drunk': An Interview with Bukowski’s Longtime Publisher

    John Martin was Bukowski's publisher from 1965 until the author's death, in 1994. Despite knowing him for almost 30 years and serving as the best man at one of his weddings, Martin says he never saw the Buk hammered. But that's not to say others didn't.

  • Remembering Charles Bukowski Through One of His Lovers

    Yes, Linda King is the one who taught Charles Bukowski how to perform oral sex. She still remembers the conversation: Bukowski said he'd never done that, because no one had asked him to. She wasn’t having it.

  • Charles Bukowski Would Not Have Gotten Drunk in a Bukowski-Themed Bar

    Nearly two decades after his death, Charles Bukowski remains the patron saint of drunks. Now, Santa Monica, California, has a bar dedicated to Bukowski, but with $7 beers and no liquor, they've managed to take a crap all over his legacy.

  • A Pilgrimage to Gypsy Lou Webb, New Orleans’s Patron Saint of Beat Literature

    With her husband Jon, Gypsy Lou Webb ran Loujon Press and made beautiful art books that featured poetry from Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg. At 97, she now lives off of social security and the kindness of fans.

  • In Havana

    Hemingway was a lousy writer. A phony writer. A writer whose books are a tissue of falsehoods and moronic clichés of masculinity. A mendacious, ridiculous, deluded buffoon of a writer intoxicated by fame to the point of writing drivel.