Flowertown USA

  • The Final Comic

    It's the final weekly Flowertown comic and all the characters are arguing amongst themselves. (Worry not, Flowertown fans, it will be continuing as a monthly comic on this site.)

  • Doofus's Shitty Toothbrush

    Henry Hotchkiss lives in an outhouse in Doofus's backyard in exchange for cleaning his toilets.

  • Doofus and Henry Become Made Men

    Henry and Doofus are joining a life of low-down criminal activity in the seedy underbelly of Flowertown.

  • Miss Juniper Has a Nice Can

    The people who live in Flowertown are the grossest, most reprehensible people in the world.

  • Henry Hotchkiss Never Pays for It

    Henry Hotchkiss negotiates with a prostitute. Hilarity ensues.

  • Doofus Gets Thrown in the Looney Bin

    Doofus has finally found himself in the psych ward. This has been a long time coming.

  • Henry Hotchkiss's Third Grade Education

    We all knew Henry Hotchkiss was stupid, but did you know he never got past the third grade?

  • Meet Doofus's Mother

    Doofus's mom is an old lady who lives upstairs and screams a lot. Will she warm up to Henry Hotchkiss?

  • Autumn in Flowertown

    There's nothing quite as beautiful as autumn in Flowertown.

  • Stink Hair Stu Goes to the Pharmacy

    In this week's episode, Stink Hair Stu goes to the pharmacy to pick up a product that he hopes will correct a "small" problem he has.

  • A Penny for Henry Hotchkiss

    Henry Hotchkiss has a lottery ticket! Will he become the richest man in Flowertown?

  • Investigating Dawg Dooley's Place

    In this latest episode of Flowertown, we hear some lewd tales from one Dawg Dooley. Doofus and Henry Hotchkiss seek to answer the eternal question—is it possible to bone so hard you leave ass prints on the ceiling?